November Trip to the Marne

November 22, 2012

Having mailed Shaun Harrison at Quest Baits earlier in the week to ask his views on catching barbel now the temperatures are dropping, here’s his reply:

The paste wrapped boilies are usually the way forward in colder water totally out fishing the pellet.
Crumb some boilie up for the feeder so that the fish don’t get so much ‘food’ but still get the attraction. Try not to make the hook bait the largest food offering, it becomes easy for them to suss which to avoid.

I was keen to get back out on the bank and put into practice his advice.  I still had a few bags of Special Crab left and a pot of paste.

So I headed out to one of my favourite stretches of the Marne. Despite the rains of this weekend the river had fined right down from my last visit, was carrying some colour without being dirty, but the flow had dropped right off. This made presenting a bait in the faster ‘crease’ sector far easier. My previous trip had seen me loading up to 5 ounces on the feeder and fighting all day with rafts of leaves, sticks and weed that were being washed down the river.

I set up around 9h30 and cast my upstream rod with a cubed crab boile wrapped in paste and a feeder filled with ground carp pellet and ground and chopped crab boilies.
The downstream rod was baited with a 14mm drilled pellet wrapped in paste and fished with a feeder of ground pellets.

It was nice to be able to leave the rods fish without being hampered by drifting debris every ten minutes or so. I was far more confident that if I left the rods out a barbell would turn up.

After a couple of hours the boilie rod tapped twice and the baitrunner began to spin. Contact was with a heavy weight that took line, a good sign. After a decent fight, the Free spirit Tamer let me slip the fish into the net. I weighed it quickly in the net head.. 7lb 8oz, beating my best from the sector by 4oz.

The rain then started to fall, not heavy, but I could see looking at the hills behind it was in for the day.
Despite the rain, the fishing carried on with 4 more takes on the paste and boilie or pellet combo resulting in a brace more barbel of 5lb 4oz & 4lb. This time the chub also decided to come out to play and I had five on the same baits upto 4lb 6oz.




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