Diary: November 26th 2012

November 26, 2012

Out on the river Marne again today.  The weather, which had been forecast rainy, turned out fine, with only the odd drop during the day, and mild overcast conditions prevailing… perfect fishing weather it would seem. Air temp was around 12°C, and the river was 9°C.
I changed sectors from my last trip, just for a change of scenery really. It is a sector where I’ve had fish in the past, and where I filmed the Free Spirit clip I did.
First swim looked promising and within a few minutes of casting out the Quest Baits boilie/paste combo I was getting knocks on the rod top.
Bites were however slow in coming and after a couple of hours only one bream on the pellet/paste bait had been taken.
Just as my mate Laurent called the right hand rod nodded and tightened up as a fish took the bait. Striking I knew right away it wasn’t another bream as it felt heavish, but as it took no line I knew it wasn’t a barbel.  I netted a decent chub that tipped the scales at 5lb 4oz and is the second biggest I’ve landed this year.
The next couple of hours proved quiet so I moved downstream a few hundred yards to a new pitch.

After a few more hours and several more bream I had a short twitch on the boilie rod which made the baitrunner spin. I struck and after feeling a fish kick all went solid. I tried pulling form different directions and slackening off and placing the rods on the rests, but to no avail, the fish had found a snag. I pulled and my hooklink gave way. This was probably my only chance of the day for a barbel.. too bad. Shortly afterwards I packed up and headed back home.

I stopped by the lakes to pick up a bag my wife had left behind and arrived just in time to see a fabulous sunset over the Croix Blanche lake.

With a nice chub in the bag and the sight of that sunset the day was fine after all.



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