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One Million Youtube Views

December 27, 2012

youtube pageI’ve just logged in to my Youtube account to see it has gone over the 1 million views. The site has been going for a few years now and features many of my videoclips with top carp angler and Quest baits boss Shaun Harrison. It also has featured videos of my Croix Blanche Lakes fishery in northern 02

I shall be shooting more videos over the next year or so featuring bothmy own French fishing and angling at my lakes. Read the rest of this entry ?


Diary: December 11th 2012

December 11, 2012

dec4_02My mate Laurent expressed interest in doing a few hours feeder fishing on my little lake at the fishery. It was cold but dry, so I thought why not joint him. My feeder rods were rigged up for the rivers, as I’ve been out barbel and chub fishing in recent weeks, and I didn’t really want to mess around re-rigging the outfits. So I decided to set up a float rod and do some waggler fishing, something I’d not down for a good few months.

I arrived at around 9h00 and found Laurent already set up with a decent bream already under his belt. With the cold setting up and plumbing was not the easiest of jobs. Also my favourite float was broken and the only other waggler I had was bent. It was still useable though so I fixed onto the snap clip anyway.

I mixed up a small amount of ground up carp pellets and some crumb ground bait with a tin of sweet corn. With a 5lb bottom and a size 12 gold hook my set up was complete. Hook bait was a couple of grains of corn.
Surprisingly there was a fair amount of activity on the water, with a few carp showing and some tench breaking the surface. So despite the chilly conditions thinks looked promising. My first bite took a while, but saw me net an nice tench of 3lb 4oz. I was off the mark. My mate managed to land several nice crucian carp, and a couple of tench, on the ledger, but my action was slower.

Laurent had to nip home for a couple of hours, so I was left alone to play catch up. No sooner had he left than I started to get a few more regular bites. This resulted in 3 more tincas, of 3lb 2oz, 3lb 10oz & 3lb 9oz.
My next bite and just as Laurent returned was a decent bream of 4lb 10oz followed not long after by what turned out to be my last hittable bite in the shape of a 4lb 8oz tench, the best one of the day.

It was now after 3pm and the light was already starting to drop on the venue. After 40 minutes with no bites I called it a day. Not a bad day’s fishing in such cold conditions with a total of nearly 27lb of tench & one bream. Just goes to show in the right conditions tench can be caught in winter.

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Memories of the River Seine.

December 10, 2012

This year I’ve found myself back fishing the rivers in northern France for the first time in over a decade. My time this season was spent on the Aisne & the Marne, but in the past I’ve flirted with the Seine, which always produced some decent fish. Here is an article I wrote in 1999 following my first session at Bray sur Seine.

fish21“Despite having fished for carp for nearly twenty years I have rarely done so in rivers. Apart from the odd frustrating outing to the Seine near where I live, north of Paris. But the Seine remains one of the most ignored big fish waters in France.

The River Seine rises near Dijon in eastern France, and flowing northwest into the English Channel, at Le Havre it is about 776 kms (about 482 miles) long, crossing the major agglomerations of Paris and Rouen. The Seine is connected by canals with the Schelde, Meuse, Rhine, Saône, and Loire rivers. Also, for some inexplicable reason the fish north of the Parisian agglomeration are smaller than their brethren in the south. All this has generally dissuaded me from giving the river a proper go, yet the Seine river system undoubtedly has an incredible head of carp and arguably the largest specimens in France. Its tributary the Yonne produced an 81 pounder at its junction with the Seine in 1980.

News then, of a fifty pounder coming out of a stretch of the Seine some sixty miles south of the capital got me thinking that maybe I should give it another try. The Seine in this area of the country is a lovely looking piece of water too, and renowned for its big fish. So armed with a large scale map and a telephone I set about finding the best area to start my assault.
After several calls and with a great deal of good fortune I managed to track down the captor of the fifty, and spent a good while on the phone trying to glean any information he was willing to part with, without being too pushy. Finally, and much to my surprise, he suggested I come down and fish with him, as he was about to start a week long session in the previously successful spot. What a damn fine chap I thought, and set about preparing my tackle for an early start the next day. Read the rest of this entry ?


Korum Stormshield 50 inch Brolly

December 7, 2012

SEMC 3MP DSCI was looking for a 50 inch brolly to replace my aging and decrepit Wavelock for a certain time. So I was pleased to hear of the autumn sale at my local “Terre et Eau” Hunting & Fishing store in Reims.

I already have a JRC Stealth system, which is great for overnight carp sessions, but is way too big and heavy too heavy to slip in the holdall and take on a day session to the river. I really needed something lighter and more compact.stormbrollrg

I turned up at the shop to see if they had any bargains, but was a little disappointed that the only two umbrellas in the sale were a 60 inch Fox Oval at 70 Euros, that was as big as my JRC and rubbishy cheapy Sensas job.  I had a scout around the other isles and nestling in amongst the bivvies and I saw a Korum 50 inch Stormshield brolly, but its price tag was over my budget at 120 euros. On closer inspection, though, it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.
At this point the store manager came round for a chat, so I asked him how much he’d give me off the Korum, as the Fox Oval in the sale was too big for my needs. Well you’ve got to try!!  He disappeared for a second and came back and said he’d let me have it for the price of the Fox Oval, i.e.: 70 Euros. Result!!

So what do you get for your money? Read the rest of this entry ?