Korum Stormshield 50 inch Brolly

December 7, 2012

SEMC 3MP DSCI was looking for a 50 inch brolly to replace my aging and decrepit Wavelock for a certain time. So I was pleased to hear of the autumn sale at my local “Terre et Eau” Hunting & Fishing store in Reims.

I already have a JRC Stealth system, which is great for overnight carp sessions, but is way too big and heavy too heavy to slip in the holdall and take on a day session to the river. I really needed something lighter and more compact.stormbrollrg

I turned up at the shop to see if they had any bargains, but was a little disappointed that the only two umbrellas in the sale were a 60 inch Fox Oval at 70 Euros, that was as big as my JRC and rubbishy cheapy Sensas job.  I had a scout around the other isles and nestling in amongst the bivvies and I saw a Korum 50 inch Stormshield brolly, but its price tag was over my budget at 120 euros. On closer inspection, though, it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.
At this point the store manager came round for a chat, so I asked him how much he’d give me off the Korum, as the Fox Oval in the sale was too big for my needs. Well you’ve got to try!!  He disappeared for a second and came back and said he’d let me have it for the price of the Fox Oval, i.e.: 70 Euros. Result!!

So what do you get for your money?

  1. A 50 inch brolly with storm sides
  2. A set of short storm poles for the side of the brolly
  3. Fitted stainless storm cap s to attach the above
  4. A set of heavy duty tent pegs
  5. A nylon carry sleeve.

There are several things I like about this brolly. It has a centre pole with a augered screw point so you can set it up quickly and screw it into the ground, should it be a bit hard. The pole unscrews completely too and can be fitted to the rear of the brolly giving more space underneath. stormbrol3I’ve not actually used this feature yet, as once set up with the spike in the ground there is ample room for my tackle & bait plus a level chair.

The storm sides are really nice. I’ve used it so far on three occasions when it rained all day, and you certainly get good coverage for yourself and your gear.

Another nice touch is the way the ribs have been orientated. Normally you get two ribs at head height, which can cause a puddle of water to form right over your head. I’ve had this on my Nash Titan and my JRC Stealth. On the Korum, there is a single rib over your head which means rain runs off down the sides, without forming a puddle. At the rear the ribs are longer in their flatback profile so they all sit nicely on the ground, to give the brolly extra stability.

So far I’m very pleased with the product. After several sessions in strong winds and heavy rain it has been excellent. Time will only tell who it lasts.
PS: Korum have since replaced the metal framed brolly with a fibreglass version. Doesn’t seem to be any lighter though.


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