Diary: December 11th 2012

December 11, 2012

dec4_02My mate Laurent expressed interest in doing a few hours feeder fishing on my little lake at the fishery. It was cold but dry, so I thought why not joint him. My feeder rods were rigged up for the rivers, as I’ve been out barbel and chub fishing in recent weeks, and I didn’t really want to mess around re-rigging the outfits. So I decided to set up a float rod and do some waggler fishing, something I’d not down for a good few months.

I arrived at around 9h00 and found Laurent already set up with a decent bream already under his belt. With the cold setting up and plumbing was not the easiest of jobs. Also my favourite float was broken and the only other waggler I had was bent. It was still useable though so I fixed onto the snap clip anyway.

I mixed up a small amount of ground up carp pellets and some crumb ground bait with a tin of sweet corn. With a 5lb bottom and a size 12 gold hook my set up was complete. Hook bait was a couple of grains of corn.
Surprisingly there was a fair amount of activity on the water, with a few carp showing and some tench breaking the surface. So despite the chilly conditions thinks looked promising. My first bite took a while, but saw me net an nice tench of 3lb 4oz. I was off the mark. My mate managed to land several nice crucian carp, and a couple of tench, on the ledger, but my action was slower.

Laurent had to nip home for a couple of hours, so I was left alone to play catch up. No sooner had he left than I started to get a few more regular bites. This resulted in 3 more tincas, of 3lb 2oz, 3lb 10oz & 3lb 9oz.
My next bite and just as Laurent returned was a decent bream of 4lb 10oz followed not long after by what turned out to be my last hittable bite in the shape of a 4lb 8oz tench, the best one of the day.

It was now after 3pm and the light was already starting to drop on the venue. After 40 minutes with no bites I called it a day. Not a bad day’s fishing in such cold conditions with a total of nearly 27lb of tench & one bream. Just goes to show in the right conditions tench can be caught in winter.


SEMC 3MP DSCDespite the enjoyable day float fishing, I was eager to get back to the river, as I knew with the cold weather announced and the coming holiday period my window of opportunity was closing.

So the very next day I rose early with the intention of heading back down to the Marne to the swim I’d managed a few fish the week before, including my best barbel of the year for the stretch at 7lb 8oz. But looking out of the window my heart sank when I saw it snowing hard. I knew the roads to the river would be very dangerous on freshly fallen snow, so I decided to skip the trip.

The forecast for the following day was better, a milder front was due over in the night and no frosts announced. I reasoned that the small amount of snow wouldn’t have had any effect on the river. As I left home it was dry and overcast and significantly milder than the days before.

However on arrival within a few miles of the river it was raining hard. I made my way down the soaking track, to the swims which was really water logged. The river though surprisingly was running clear and slow. Not ideal conditions at all.

SEMC 3MP DSCI got my brolly up and set my rods up this time with luncheon meat on one rod and the usual pellet on the other. Two feeders were cast out and I sat back to wait with a cup of coffee. Other than the odd tap on each rod it remained very quiet until midday. I recast my rods wrapping paste around the pellet. Within a few minute the rod hooped round and a lively 3lb chub came to the net.

Time passed and other than a couple of smaller bream that took the pellet, things remained calm. After a break in the rain, around mid afternoon, it started to pour down again. After paddling around in the mud for a few hours I must admit I’d had enough. I packed away the first rod and started to load the gear into the car. As I did the baitrunner screamed on the remaining rod. I struck but it had gone solid. I put on some pressure and what felt like a bunch of weed moved towards me. I kept pumping but could feel a fish wriggling. As it came to the marginal shelf I saw the white belly a decent fish swirl and it was off. My guess it was a decent chub, the fight was subdued; it took no line. A barbel would most likely have pulled itself out of the weed.

I put the remaining rod away and with my car sliding all over the track I made my way home. I guess you can’t win them all.


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