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Tracks in the Snow

January 25, 2013

22 jan01

We are nearing the end of January and the snow lies thick and crisp and even. The lakes are frozen in part, which has left us with the rivers to fish. I did a quick session as I already posted on the Marne before the freeze, with my mate Lolo and was keen to get back.

January 11th

I returned alone this time. I chose a different stretch of the Marne, but one I really like. My mate Séb was due to join me but cried off due to a bad back. The cold snap had been announced so I wanted a chance of a barbel before it arrived.

I arrived at the river around 9h15 and it looked great, slightly higher than normal, and still holding some colour. After nearly getting my car stuck on the muddy banks (thank god for 4 wheel drive & low ratio) I was able to cast out a couple of lines. The current was less than my last trip and 125g held at about 20 out. Read the rest of this entry ?


River Rodpod

January 9, 2013

SEMC 3MP DSCI’ve been looking for an adequate rod support system for rivers for a while now.  I’ve been using long bank sticks most of the time during 2012, but they have their draw backs.
Rods need to be fairly high on rivers to keep the maximum of line out of the water. Long bank sticks work just fine, as long as you can plant them firmly in the bank. However if the bank is too soft you often have to sink them so far you lose all adjustment, or they remain wobbly.
In harder banks you simply can’t plant them far enough to get a decent hold. I had one swim on a sandy bend on the Marne this year that, even when the bank sticks were planted 30-40cms into the sand, they still wobbled and fell over on a fast take from a fish.SEMC 3MP DSC

I started then to look at rodpods… Carp rod pods are great on flat hard ground. But as soon as you need to raise the rod tips things get complicated.
I’ve seen several posts on forums praising the Fox Horizon pod for river fishing, but while I love it on lakes the moment you raise the rods high it becomes really wobbly, due mainly to its small plastic fittings. Other cheap river pods had fairly mixed reviews.
Then I saw the Gardner Scud pod. While the pod itself is of less interest to me, the “Scud” block grabbed my attention.  I already have all sorts of bank sticks, storm poles and buzz bars, so making a tripod pod was not going to be an issue. Read the rest of this entry ?


First Fish of 2013

January 8, 2013

chub01I took my first river trip of the year today in the hope of a barbel or two. With the very mild conditions we’ve been enjoying, if somewhat wet, the fish have definitely been on the feed.
Carp have been coming out of the lakes, even if I’ve yet to get one, but reports from my English mates catching barbel on the Trent, made me want to get out today to see if I could get one on the Marne.
The problem of late here has been the very high water levels… flooded fields where you can’t get within 500m of the water’s edge. Not easy to fish!!!
chub02But looking on the net the rivers all seemed to be back in their banks.. So I headed off to the Marne with my mate Lolo to see what was what.
We arrived at the river around 9.45 to see the level as low as I’ve ever seen it… at least 1.5m under its usual height… A real paradox in view of all the rain we’ve had. It was clear the barrages had been left fully open and all the flood water was running run off. Read the rest of this entry ?