Spring is in the Air

March 6, 2013


The weather forecast last weekend had announced nice sunny weather for the coming days, with a leap in daytime temperatures that had been stuck at zero or below for far too long.
Tuesday looked to be the best day, and as luck would have it was my mate Séb’s day off too. So we arranged to meet up on the banks of the Marne at a spot I particularly like…
The river was at a normal level but had a fair bit of colour. It looked to be pushing through fairly fast, and a few casts with a 100g feeder confirmed this. I upped to 125g and it just about held.
Two rods were cast out with the usual feeder rigs… one baited with a 16mm halibut pellet and the other with a Quest Crab boilie. I’d wrapped the boilie in my home made pellet paste too.???????????????????????????????????????????????

I didn’t have to wait long before I received a belt on the boilie rod and a frisky little chub of 2lb 6oz slipped into the net. I was off the mark.
Just as I poured a cup of coffee the rod bounced again and the tip ducked… I was soon attached to a better fish that fought and bit harder and took the scales down to 4lb 3oz, that was more like it.???????????????????????????????????????????????

Two fish in quick succession.. Great stuff!!!

This called for a swift beer to celebrate…  Just as I was wetting my lips with the amber nectar the upstream pellet rod dropped back violently… I wound down and soon caught up with a frisky fish that zigzagged all over the place before diving into the waiting net  –  Yessss!!!  my first barbel of 2013.
Not a monster, but at this time of the year and only a week after we had 10 inches of snow, I was not complaining. At 5lb 8oz it was a very pleasing capture.


We fished on, enjoying a lovely sunny afternoon that saw me fishing in just a light fleece for the first time since last September. A shoal of bream then moved in and I had a couple, one of 4lb 4oz and a smaller one of a couple of pounds, I didn’t weigh.
I managed a further nice chub of 4lb 2oz and a tiny little fella of just over a pound that managed to get a 16mm pellet in its gob!!!


So that was the way the day ended. We felt the chill start to come back as the sun dipped behind the hills… Still not a bad day, 7 fish including a barbel. It seems after a long and difficult winter ” Spring is in the air”.

Thanks to Séb for the photos.


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