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July Diary

July 26, 2013

Well July’s come round and don’t seem to be at all the same. Last year was damp and cool, this year a ‘Heat Wave’.

2nd July

My first outing of the month was an afternoon trip to the Aisne near my house. The previous time I’d seen a fair few fish jumping opposite, and after studying Google Earth I found a track that might just lead me to a grassy swim on the far bank.
When I arrived a predator angler was already set up on the far right of the peg so I moved about 150 yards to the other extremity of the peg which allowed me to cast downstream and well away from his lines.
First cast was taken almost immediately by a 3lb chub. I recast and the second rod was away, but very quickly it found a snag. It had felt a decent fish, certainly a


Beware the Ide’s of July

barbel or a small carp. The hooklink broke but I did get the feeder back. The old boy ambled down the bank and informed me of a huge underwater snag to my left… I guess that was why he was fishing 150 yards up stream to the right…

Anyway as I went to reel in the right hand rod it too was snagged up. I had to pull for a break…These rivers are indeed very snaggy.
After these break offs I decided it was a sensible thing to go back round to the other bank and fish one of the snag free swims opposite.
So off I went and set up again in a new swim and cast back out. My first bite saw me land a strange looking fish, like a sort of hybrid between a bream and a rudd. I called my mate Séb up and he told me I’d caught an Ide.
At 3lb 9oz it was a whopper too.

I managed another small chub and an inevitable bream before calling it a day around 7pm. Read the rest of this entry ?


“Gruntline” Review

July 25, 2013


A few months ago a friend sent me a couple of examples of a new product he’d been testing in Germany called Gruntline.large_68215_TCT_Gruntline

What is a Gruntline?

Well, put simply, it’s a platted, elasticated cord with plastic snap hooks at each extremity so it can be hooked to things and to itself.
It is about 120cm in length but can stretch to over 200cm. The instructions say it can hold up to 9kg & it certainly looks very substantial.

Now as an angler; hammock camper and occasional hiker, I make a lot of use of cordage of some description. In most cases it consists of a length of 550 paracord.

I guess at some point we have all strung up a length of cord between two trees to hang, bait, clothes etc to keep them off the ground, due to wet conditions or bugs or rats.
So an article that allows you to do this quickly with no knots seemed like a good idea. On my fist outing it rained quite hard during the night so I had an opportunity to test the “Gruntline” the first night. Read the rest of this entry ?