“Gruntline” Review

July 25, 2013


A few months ago a friend sent me a couple of examples of a new product he’d been testing in Germany called Gruntline.large_68215_TCT_Gruntline

What is a Gruntline?

Well, put simply, it’s a platted, elasticated cord with plastic snap hooks at each extremity so it can be hooked to things and to itself.
It is about 120cm in length but can stretch to over 200cm. The instructions say it can hold up to 9kg & it certainly looks very substantial.

Now as an angler; hammock camper and occasional hiker, I make a lot of use of cordage of some description. In most cases it consists of a length of 550 paracord.

I guess at some point we have all strung up a length of cord between two trees to hang, bait, clothes etc to keep them off the ground, due to wet conditions or bugs or rats.
So an article that allows you to do this quickly with no knots seemed like a good idea. On my fist outing it rained quite hard during the night so I had an opportunity to test the “Gruntline” the first night. gruntline

I hooked it up between two trees and was able to hang all sorts of things from it. But where it scores; compared to a simple rope ridgeline, is that due to its platted construction and elasticity, you can thread items through it. Thus a bin bag can be kept up off the ground to avoid attracting undesirable creatures. Rather than tie a knot and rip the plastic bag, you just thread it though the platting and it holds in place.
As we packed up all the stuff we wanted off ground was suspended. It worked very well.
As an angler I can see that hanging a bag/bucket or whatever of bait is also a good way to avoid it getting eaten at night.

But during our camping trip, we also found a couple of other uses which I guess the inventors had yet to discover. While hammock camping I always rig up a tarp. For this I hook up a paracord ridge line between two trees to drape it over…
On our last trip my son’s ridge line was too short for the trees available. I tied a loop in his paracord, and snapped in a Gruntline. This then when around the tree and gave us a nice taught ridge line for his tarp.
Another one also made a great guy line to tension the afore mentioned tarp. It was working sort of like a bungee, but due to its platting we could adjust it far more easily.

This was my first outing with the ‘Gruntline’ and already I found a whole host of uses. gruntline_2
As it takes up very little room in a pack, it can simply be carried at all times, like any other cordage, yet has many other applications.
I’m sure I’ve just scratched the surface as there must be 101 other uses and I will no doubt find many more in trips to come. But just by reading the instructions you can see the many and varied applications. A neat little product!! Highly recommended.



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