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August Diary – A double figure barbel at last!

August 28, 2013
10lb7oz meuse

Pride of place on this post for my new PB barbel at 10lb 11oz

31st July:

Well my August diary kicks off with the first session on a new river, the Oise on the last day of July. I’d previously met a French barbel angler (a very rare beast) and he’d spoken about the non navigable part of the River Oise, a tributary of the Seine. The sector we were interested in was to the East of Compiègne.
We arrived at the first peg around 1pm… the river had about 40 to 50 cm of extra water which is not a bad thing. The peg was just under a bridge and was, to be honest too tight for two anglers.  I fished the upstream part and cast out a couple of feeders. After about 15 minutes I had a small chub of around 2lb 8oz. All remained quiet for an hour or so as we chatted.. my newly found fishing buddy then had a small bream and just as he was landing it I had a bite and landed my first Oise barbel of 4lb 09oz. Not a monster but a target fish from a new river.
After a couple more hours and with no further action we moved on to another swim about 10 miles downstream.


The Oise in its non navigable stretch

This peg was wider and on a bend. A peg I much preferred to the tight bridge swim. I had the downstream side this time and cast out one rod while I tied a new hooklink for the second. As I was doing so the cast rod tore off at great speed, I really would have expected a big fish. But the result was a second barbel of just under 3lb. Read the rest of this entry ?