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French Barbel Fishing: One Year on. My Target Achieved.

November 6, 2013

A Oise barbel glides back to it’s home.

This year has been the second I’ve turned over to tracking down barbel in French rivers. I mentioned last year that after a life time of carp angling I fancied a change, a fresh challenge; and inspired by the Quest Baits lads Shaun Harrison and Pat Gillett and their barbel exploits in the UK, I decided to give it a whirl in France.
Those of you who read my article from last year will know that initially my quest was just to find barbel, any barbel in the local French rivers. The task was not easy due to the total lack of barbel anglers in France. But I soon found that the species is abundant if you fish the correct methods.

As time went on and I fished more and more areas and picked the brains of more and more local anglers about the presence of the fish I sought, I slowly started to get a picture of the possibilities.

I also found that while the species was present in large numbers in my local rivers, the majority of the fish were fairly small, in the 3lb to 5lb bracket. Throughout 2012 I did manage over 75 fish, but the largest were only in the 7lb range. It was clear that if I wanted to bag my target fish, an elusive double figure barbel, my research would need to dig deeper and my net cast wider.

19 sept04

Fast forward to the start of 2013. My research had established a few new avenues to explore on different rivers, where the average stamp was better, even if the fish were less numerous. But that suited me fine. Coming from carp angling I was used to waiting between takes for a decent fish, so this would suit me fine on the rivers. Read the rest of this entry ?