New Shoes for my Fishing Wagon

February 11, 2014

I wrote a piece on my Croix Blanche Lakes blog about the best fishing vehicles a few years back. One of my top vehicles in the post was a 4×4. Now I’ve had a few in the past and I’ve always been very pleased with their ‘Go anywhere’ aspect.. So when I need a new car, (my campervan was just not practical for running a fishery) I naturally opted for an off roader.. It tows well, will go anywhere I need it too and can carry all my fishing gear and the family when needed to.
Here’s what I wrote: 

 4X4 :
For a long time a long wheel base 4×4 was my favourite all time fishing car, a go anywhere, unstoppable beast. I’ve had a couple of these and my favourite Nissan Patrol was brilliant. With a full length roof rack, I had enough space for tons of tackle. The rear luggage space was equally vast, and I had up to 7 seats if necessary or 5 comfortably. It never got stuck, even when I sunk the rear axel in the mud over night. Good tyres and four wheel drive were absolutely superb. It was the car I used to pull all those Transits out of the mud… Frontera’s, Discovery’s and Shoguns (Pajero’s in Europe) are common place in England and are great carp angling cars. Just recently Shaun Harrison pulled my MB Vito camper out of the wet grass in his Disco. My latest Terrano has been very good around the lakes in soft mud and sand as well as a solid car in the snow.


Didn’t stay clean very long!!!

Over the last three years then I’ve been using a Nissan Terrano 2 4×4. I must say up till now its been a very good fishing wagon, loads of space inside, 7 seats if needed. A roof rack for rods and skis etc… It has pretty good off road capability too thanks to its low range gear box and limited slip diff at the rear. hankook_dynapromtrt03__
But some of the tracks I use for getting to the rivers are really muddy, and with the huge amount of rain we’ve had over the last 18 months, they are often in a very poor state. This poor state is often compounded by farmers driving down in tractors and causing huge ruts.
I’d previously put a set of All Terrain tyres on the car, and while these were adequate, they are renowned for being very poor in mud… only marginally better than a road tyre. So as these tyres were now shot, I was on the look out for a new set… Scouting the internet threw up a new brand I’d not considered before at a decent price for the car.. by the Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook. The model is the Dynapro M/T RT03. They are said to be good in the mud, snow and sand.. adequate on the road and reasonably hard wearing.

A set of four were ordered and duly fitted to the vehicle. They look good and should give me better motricity in the mud.
I’ve recently up rated the suspension too with a set of Triamaster shocks and rear springs, that give far better on and off-road handling. My stock and probably original shocks were totally shot.

So here we go, a new set of shoes for my fishing wagon. I’ll update this post when i’ve used them for a few months.


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