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This Blog is Moving

May 24, 2014

Hi there
After a few years on the free WordPress this blog is ;oving to a hosted site:

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see you there


Winter Diary

March 10, 2014

Frosty conditions but the barbel fed.

With the onset of Winter I did very little fishing. While it has been a pretty mild winter by usual standards it has been wet and still fairly cold. Not really my favourite conditions either. Added to this, due directly to the heavy rainfall, the rivers have been in constant spate since before last Christmas.


Just under 7lb and the best from the stretch last year.

I did get out a couple of times in December before the level and flow got too much. I concentrated on the Aisne river as my sessions were invariably short and travelling didn’t seem like an option. I wanted to consider.
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French Online Mag

October 25, 2013

I was asked to write a piece for a French on line mag by a chap who goes by the name of Madfred.

madfred mag

Ok it’s in French but it has some rally interesting material, and of course my piece.

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ESP: Two-Tone Coated Braid

September 30, 2013

esptwotoneI’ve been looking to use combi-links for my barbel fishing, and while I’ve messed around tying up braid and nylon with some success, it is a fiddly and time consuming rig to tie. I’ve  therefore been looking around for a coated braid, a material I’d used for many years for carp. But most of the carp ones are very thick for their breaking strain even if you drop to 15lb and none seem to be supplied under that breaking strain. I’ve some 15lb Snakebite in my carp tackle box, but this is way thicker than the 15lb sink Link I’ve been using this year. The Sink Link by ESP has been very good, but is still subject to frequent tangles, especially when you need to give the feeder a bit of a thump.
Enter the ESP Two Tone Striptease in 12lb & 15lb BS, and seems to exactly what I’ve been looking for. Read the rest of this entry ?


September Diary

September 30, 2013

Well we should have now been getting into the best time of the year on the rivers, but so far the month of September has been unseasonably warm, with temperatures near or above 30 degrees on many days. What little rain we did have, did absolutely nothing to colour or accelerate the flow of most water courses, all of which remain extremely low.


A lovely stretch of the Meuse

30th August

The last but one day of August saw me trying a new spot on the River Aisne near Compiegne. The Aisne joins the Oise in this town, so the size of the barbel is, according to my French fishing buddies similar, that’s to say 6lb to 8lb on average.
I arrived at around 8:30 am and met Christian in the car park of a large very neat public park. Joggers passed by, along the tree lined banks of the river, which I must say looked very attractive. The margins were lined with tall reeds on a river that must have been about 60 yards wide. I set up about 50m downstream from Christian on a peg that had a very shallow margin slopping off to the navigation channel. The barges passed quite close, so as with the previous peg in Compiègne I chose to reel in for each boat so as not to lose any gear. Thankfully I was to find that the traffic was considerably less than my previous trip on the Oise. Read the rest of this entry ?


July Diary

July 26, 2013

Well July’s come round and don’t seem to be at all the same. Last year was damp and cool, this year a ‘Heat Wave’.

2nd July

My first outing of the month was an afternoon trip to the Aisne near my house. The previous time I’d seen a fair few fish jumping opposite, and after studying Google Earth I found a track that might just lead me to a grassy swim on the far bank.
When I arrived a predator angler was already set up on the far right of the peg so I moved about 150 yards to the other extremity of the peg which allowed me to cast downstream and well away from his lines.
First cast was taken almost immediately by a 3lb chub. I recast and the second rod was away, but very quickly it found a snag. It had felt a decent fish, certainly a


Beware the Ide’s of July

barbel or a small carp. The hooklink broke but I did get the feeder back. The old boy ambled down the bank and informed me of a huge underwater snag to my left… I guess that was why he was fishing 150 yards up stream to the right…

Anyway as I went to reel in the right hand rod it too was snagged up. I had to pull for a break…These rivers are indeed very snaggy.
After these break offs I decided it was a sensible thing to go back round to the other bank and fish one of the snag free swims opposite.
So off I went and set up again in a new swim and cast back out. My first bite saw me land a strange looking fish, like a sort of hybrid between a bream and a rudd. I called my mate Séb up and he told me I’d caught an Ide.
At 3lb 9oz it was a whopper too.

I managed another small chub and an inevitable bream before calling it a day around 7pm. Read the rest of this entry ?


June Diary

June 30, 2013

14th June

Following the success with tench the previous weekend, I was keen to get back on to peg 6 and catch a few more large tincas. As the mobile home was now booked solid till September my window of opportunity was narrowing.


Waiting for the Tench to bite


As I’m not really a morning person I didn’t manage to get myself to the lake until 9am. I started by firing out several Spomb loads of hemp and sweet corn to my respective spots.

I took my time setting up, pruning a few willow branches to make casting easier. I placed two Method feeders as I had on the previous occasion, baited with balanced fake corn. I quickly started to receive single bleeps and the swinger moved a centimetre two.  This carried on for a while until it finally gave a positive bite and I banked a crucian of just over 4lb. Less than an hour later the same rod produced a slightly bigger fish of 5lb 2oz.


First tench of 7lb 3oz… Well pleased!


Next the buzzer on my distance rod…(all of 30m) sounded and a different species had found my groundbait. I then had three large slabs on the trot.. 7lb 5oz; 7lb 04oz and 6lb 9oz. Read the rest of this entry ?