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Madfred’s Angling Mag – Number 4

January 8, 2014

Hi All
Very happy new year to everyone who reads this blog. Here’s a link to the forth edition of Madfred’s Angling Mag. It’s in French but features several articles from UK anglers, and a contribution from my good self on my barbel fishing in France.

madfred mag 04-02Here is the link:-

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French Online Mag

October 25, 2013

I was asked to write a piece for a French on line mag by a chap who goes by the name of Madfred.

madfred mag

Ok it’s in French but it has some rally interesting material, and of course my piece.

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May Diary

May 28, 2013

Now I had been hoping to spend the month of May enjoying the springtime sunshine and fishing the local rivers for the barbel, as there is no closed season in France.
But the weather decided otherwise and instead we have had more rain than I can remember, meaning that so far the trips to the river have been very infrequent. This has meant more fishing in the lakes including my own.

May 8th


A rare glimpse of blue sky

I was due to fish the Semoy again with Yanou, but a last minute client at the lakes meant I had to skip this trip. Still wanting to fish I thought I might as well put the rods out on the Croix Blanche while I waited for the young Dutch lad to arrive.
I set up on peg 1 just as it started to rain around 12h00. I fished one rod with a maggot feeder, to see how productive it would be. I’d already tried one in the edge of a lake and the spread of the maggots was excellent and left a fantastic dinner plate for the fish. On this feeder I fished the red rubber maggots by Drennan that look pretty real. Other than the odd beep, all was quiet till the clients showed at 13h00. It took me about an hour to do the tour of the venue, and explain all the rules and bits and bobs. As soon as he was fixed with a swim, I returned to my peg and cast back out. It was now around 14h00.


A chunky 5lb 2oz Crucian Carp

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April Diary

May 1, 2013

One usually hopes that with the arrival of the month of April, we’ll start to see a few sunny warm days and that the fish in particular will start to feed and show signs of activity.

How wrong can you be!!!

3rd April:

I decided to attempt my first trip to the Meuse of this year. It’s a fair old way so I wanted to make the most of my day- and to try both the Meuse & the Semoy rivers.
After around a 90 minute journey I rolled up at a spot known locally as “La  Voute”.
Here the river is deep and powerful and in a small town so is somewhat urban. I set up the usual river gear, and needed 120g of lead to hold bottom. It was not that the flow was fast, just strong.
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One Million Youtube Views

December 27, 2012

youtube pageI’ve just logged in to my Youtube account to see it has gone over the 1 million views. The site has been going for a few years now and features many of my videoclips with top carp angler and Quest baits boss Shaun Harrison. It also has featured videos of my Croix Blanche Lakes fishery in northern 02

I shall be shooting more videos over the next year or so featuring bothmy own French fishing and angling at my lakes. Read the rest of this entry ?