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Please contact us on any of the following:

Gareth Watkins
22 rue Principale
02820 Berrieux

tel: 0033 962 20 56 44
mobile: 0033 670 90 04 33
Mail: gareth@croixblanchelakes.com



  1. hi Gareth come to the South of France for barbel fishing we have nice weather not at this time but summer and spring come soon rhone valley very good around valence st vallier more South around avignon aramon during match fishing with feeder some barbel over 3 kg already caught good luck

  2. Salut Jean Marc,
    Si j’avais le temps.. j’ai vécu 3 ans au sud de Lyon au milieu des années 2000… mais je n’ai pas pêché pendant cette période. Ici la moyenne est pas mal.. j’en ai fait beaucoup entre 3 et 4kg l’an dernier sur les rivières de ma région…(L’Aisne, la Marne, la Meuse et l’Oise..) avec le plus gros à 4.84kg.
    Un des ces quatre je descendrai sur le Rhone..

  3. Hi Gareth I am thinking of buying a free spirit hi s big river barble rod to use on the river Trent and the severn
    At the moment I have been using my two preston carbon active 12ft feeder rods but they struggle to cast a 2oz feeder out and hold bottom.
    I thought I could sell them both and put money towards a good pair of barble rods with matching reels.

    Can you give me any advice please. Thanks

    Jam macdonald

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