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Self-take Photography Revisited

March 20, 2014

Last year I started to take my self-take photography seriously. After landing a 46lb Common at night and not being able to do adequate photos I decided to right things.

My first piece of equipment was the SRB Griturn air release. (See my previous blog post). The item was shown to me by Shaun Harrison and had loads of advantages over simple self timer shots. It worked well and let me take shots once the fish was calm and I was ready. No more dashing round and desperately trying to pose while the fish wriggled and flipped, and putting slimy fingers on an expensive SLR.


The Hanhel Giga T Pro 2…

But as good as the shots were that the system allowed me to get, it was somewhat flawed on a number of levels. Firstly it worked mechanically, an air release pushing a pin that would focus and trip the shutter when you stepped on the ball. On most modern SLR’s the shutter button is angled for ergonomy, and made of shiny plastic.This means that the pin can slip and not trip the shutter. Shaun’s idea of putting some velcro in the button went some way to solving this, but the very fact that the pin was not pressing directly down on the shutter made it very fiddly to set up and on more than one occasion it refused to fire.

It was very frustrating to set it all up pose with the fish but not be able to get a shot. When this happened I hadn’t much option but to release the fish (for its own well being) and forget a trophy shot.

I then read a piece by Elie Godsi on the Quest Baits blog about an electronic option made by Hanhel. Read the rest of this entry ?


May Diary

May 28, 2013

Now I had been hoping to spend the month of May enjoying the springtime sunshine and fishing the local rivers for the barbel, as there is no closed season in France.
But the weather decided otherwise and instead we have had more rain than I can remember, meaning that so far the trips to the river have been very infrequent. This has meant more fishing in the lakes including my own.

May 8th


A rare glimpse of blue sky

I was due to fish the Semoy again with Yanou, but a last minute client at the lakes meant I had to skip this trip. Still wanting to fish I thought I might as well put the rods out on the Croix Blanche while I waited for the young Dutch lad to arrive.
I set up on peg 1 just as it started to rain around 12h00. I fished one rod with a maggot feeder, to see how productive it would be. I’d already tried one in the edge of a lake and the spread of the maggots was excellent and left a fantastic dinner plate for the fish. On this feeder I fished the red rubber maggots by Drennan that look pretty real. Other than the odd beep, all was quiet till the clients showed at 13h00. It took me about an hour to do the tour of the venue, and explain all the rules and bits and bobs. As soon as he was fixed with a swim, I returned to my peg and cast back out. It was now around 14h00.


A chunky 5lb 2oz Crucian Carp

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Self Take Photography

May 20, 2013

Self-take Photography

20 may barbel

As anglers we always want a shot of our best fish. However if like me you have to fish alone most of the time, then the taking of a decent “Trophy shot” can be quite awkward.
Whichever camera you use, a compact or a DSLR, you’ll need a tripod. It needs to be light, and small as you really aren’t going to be demanding much of it except to hold your camera about two feet from the ground while you pose with your prize. Read the rest of this entry ?


Reviews: A few bits of tackle

May 17, 2013

One of my gripes with carp fishing is the huge amount of gear you need to lug to the lake just to fish… even for a day session.
Since I took to a more roving approach last year, I’ve tried to really cut back on what I take. When you look at it, we all carry stuff we never use “just in case”!!.
Well all the “just in case” stuff has been removed from my bags. Every item, no matter how small, has to earn its place.

I’ve tried to find small and lighter versions of the luggage I carry and have now refined things down to a small rucksack, a rod Quiver, a  chair and a bucket of bait. I can carry all this gear, without giving myself a hernia, in one trip from the car and can move as and when I like.

So let’s look at a few of these items and why I chose them.

Fox Specialist Compact Rucksack.sac-a-dos-fox-specialist-compact-rucksack-z-698-69810
My first choice when I was looking for a small bag for my gear was a nice little camo bag by Prologic. Now this was a well made, practical little bag that took all my gear.  It looked good and was not too dear. BUT it was a shoulder bag. Now there’s nothing wrong with this type of bag, let me say first off, but when you try to carry it with a rod bag and chair, it either slips off your shoulder all the time or strangles you, if you put it over your head.  As much as I liked the ergonomics of the bag, a rucksack was becoming an obvious choice. Read the rest of this entry ?


April Diary

May 1, 2013

One usually hopes that with the arrival of the month of April, we’ll start to see a few sunny warm days and that the fish in particular will start to feed and show signs of activity.

How wrong can you be!!!

3rd April:

I decided to attempt my first trip to the Meuse of this year. It’s a fair old way so I wanted to make the most of my day- and to try both the Meuse & the Semoy rivers.
After around a 90 minute journey I rolled up at a spot known locally as “La  Voute”.
Here the river is deep and powerful and in a small town so is somewhat urban. I set up the usual river gear, and needed 120g of lead to hold bottom. It was not that the flow was fast, just strong.
Baits were 16mm halibut pellets and Hot Demon boilies. Read the rest of this entry ?


March Diary … continued

March 25, 2013


16th March : Quick few hours on the river Aisne. It was relatively mild and sunny, but the river was high and pushing though very fast, so it was impossible to fish the line I wanted, coupled with the fact that debris moved my feeders about even when I loaded 6oz on each rod.
One fish lost in a snag was the only action.

18th March : Not to be discouraged, and with the brief mild spell holding I headed out this time to the Marne where I had a few fish earlier in the month. Same swim same conditions but with the flow significantly less. 100-125g held bottom fine on the crease line that is so productive. Read the rest of this entry ?


Spring is in the Air

March 6, 2013


The weather forecast last weekend had announced nice sunny weather for the coming days, with a leap in daytime temperatures that had been stuck at zero or below for far too long.
Tuesday looked to be the best day, and as luck would have it was my mate Séb’s day off too. So we arranged to meet up on the banks of the Marne at a spot I particularly like…
The river was at a normal level but had a fair bit of colour. It looked to be pushing through fairly fast, and a few casts with a 100g feeder confirmed this. I upped to 125g and it just about held.
Two rods were cast out with the usual feeder rigs… one baited with a 16mm halibut pellet and the other with a Quest Crab boilie. I’d wrapped the boilie in my home made pellet paste too. Read the rest of this entry ?