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Spring Diary

May 12, 2014

Well I haven’t written a diary piece for a good few months. I left off with some modest carp from a local gravel pit, which filled a gap while the rivers got back to a fishable condition.
It wasn’t really till mid March that I really managed to kick off the barbel season, even if I had managed the odd fish beforehand.
I’d been having some success in the river Aisne which runs behind my lakes, and had baited a few spots which I know to hold barbel. Most of my sessions were just mornings or afternoons, a few hours I could fit in to hope for a fish or two.


Two takes at once

March 15th :
After my customers arrived I headed for one of my preferred stretches of the Aisne. The levels were still quite high, and 5oz feeders had a hard job holding, due mostly to the leaves and debris that wzs being pushed down by the current. Upping the feeders to 165g seemed to do the trick. Read the rest of this entry ?


“Gruntline” Review

July 25, 2013


A few months ago a friend sent me a couple of examples of a new product he’d been testing in Germany called Gruntline.large_68215_TCT_Gruntline

What is a Gruntline?

Well, put simply, it’s a platted, elasticated cord with plastic snap hooks at each extremity so it can be hooked to things and to itself.
It is about 120cm in length but can stretch to over 200cm. The instructions say it can hold up to 9kg & it certainly looks very substantial.

Now as an angler; hammock camper and occasional hiker, I make a lot of use of cordage of some description. In most cases it consists of a length of 550 paracord.

I guess at some point we have all strung up a length of cord between two trees to hang, bait, clothes etc to keep them off the ground, due to wet conditions or bugs or rats.
So an article that allows you to do this quickly with no knots seemed like a good idea. On my fist outing it rained quite hard during the night so I had an opportunity to test the “Gruntline” the first night. Read the rest of this entry ?


June Diary

June 30, 2013

14th June

Following the success with tench the previous weekend, I was keen to get back on to peg 6 and catch a few more large tincas. As the mobile home was now booked solid till September my window of opportunity was narrowing.


Waiting for the Tench to bite


As I’m not really a morning person I didn’t manage to get myself to the lake until 9am. I started by firing out several Spomb loads of hemp and sweet corn to my respective spots.

I took my time setting up, pruning a few willow branches to make casting easier. I placed two Method feeders as I had on the previous occasion, baited with balanced fake corn. I quickly started to receive single bleeps and the swinger moved a centimetre two.  This carried on for a while until it finally gave a positive bite and I banked a crucian of just over 4lb. Less than an hour later the same rod produced a slightly bigger fish of 5lb 2oz.


First tench of 7lb 3oz… Well pleased!


Next the buzzer on my distance rod…(all of 30m) sounded and a different species had found my groundbait. I then had three large slabs on the trot.. 7lb 5oz; 7lb 04oz and 6lb 9oz. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tench at Last!

June 10, 2013

With the awful weather we’ve been having my river fishing has been either impossible or terribly frustrating. So I’ve been targeting some of the big tench that are present in my lakes. They have proved also very illusive and to date I’d not had so much as a sniff from a Tinca. I had had virtually every other species in the venue including pike & catfish on the Method; but alas no tench.

Word that several of the clients had bumped into a few nice plump tench this week got me champing at the bit to have a go myself.

The fish had been taken early morning or late evening by the clients fishing, so I decided to do an overnight session was in order,  to get the two best periods of the day. So after the next group of anglers arrived I set up in peg 6 (one of my favourite little pegs), and one that has often produced tench.


My best tench so far this year at 7lb 9oz

I spombed out ten loads of hemp & sweet corn; five to a spot 25 yards out beyond a weed bed & the other five 10 yards to a near side margin.  I fished my usual ESP Method feeders one baited with a Quest Ghurrka Spice Fluoro Pop up and the other with plastic corn.

Not long after settling in with brolly up and rods cast out I sat back and cracked open a beer to await events. The near rod beeped several times before tightening up. I struck into a tough fish that scrapped well and turned out to be a lovely Crucian of 6lb 6oz. This was followed not long after by a large bream also of 6lb 6oz. A good start but not the fish I was after.  About an hour later the margin rod screamed off and I hit a very powerful fish that immediately found refuge in the overhanging branches. I put on side strain holding the rod high and felt the fish start to kick free. Then my hook link (12lb fluorocarbon) gave way… I’m certain it was a carp… I retied a new hook link out of 15lb snakebite this time and put it back on the spot.


First bite a 6lb 6oz Crucian

Things quieted down a bit and the only further action was a small low double catfish on my distant rod. Read the rest of this entry ?


Diary: December 11th 2012

December 11, 2012

dec4_02My mate Laurent expressed interest in doing a few hours feeder fishing on my little lake at the fishery. It was cold but dry, so I thought why not joint him. My feeder rods were rigged up for the rivers, as I’ve been out barbel and chub fishing in recent weeks, and I didn’t really want to mess around re-rigging the outfits. So I decided to set up a float rod and do some waggler fishing, something I’d not down for a good few months.

I arrived at around 9h00 and found Laurent already set up with a decent bream already under his belt. With the cold setting up and plumbing was not the easiest of jobs. Also my favourite float was broken and the only other waggler I had was bent. It was still useable though so I fixed onto the snap clip anyway.

I mixed up a small amount of ground up carp pellets and some crumb ground bait with a tin of sweet corn. With a 5lb bottom and a size 12 gold hook my set up was complete. Hook bait was a couple of grains of corn.
Surprisingly there was a fair amount of activity on the water, with a few carp showing and some tench breaking the surface. So despite the chilly conditions thinks looked promising. My first bite took a while, but saw me net an nice tench of 3lb 4oz. I was off the mark. My mate managed to land several nice crucian carp, and a couple of tench, on the ledger, but my action was slower.

Laurent had to nip home for a couple of hours, so I was left alone to play catch up. No sooner had he left than I started to get a few more regular bites. This resulted in 3 more tincas, of 3lb 2oz, 3lb 10oz & 3lb 9oz.
My next bite and just as Laurent returned was a decent bream of 4lb 10oz followed not long after by what turned out to be my last hittable bite in the shape of a 4lb 8oz tench, the best one of the day.

It was now after 3pm and the light was already starting to drop on the venue. After 40 minutes with no bites I called it a day. Not a bad day’s fishing in such cold conditions with a total of nearly 27lb of tench & one bream. Just goes to show in the right conditions tench can be caught in winter.

  Read the rest of this entry ?